Lincoln Funeral Train

Lincoln Funeral Car

In 2018, Stone Gables Estate purchased the only replica of the Lincoln Funeral Car, built by Dave Kloke. The “United States” rail car is a 2015 replica of the first private rail car originally built for President Lincoln in 1865. Lincoln was scheduled to inspect the new coach on April 15, 1865, the day after he and Mary Todd attended Ford’s Theatre, but he never saw the car. Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, issued orders for the car to be used to carry Lincoln’s body and that of his son, Willie, who died in 1862. Both were carried back to Springfield, Illinois.

Pioneer Coach

The No. 1864 day coach is known as the “Pioneer Coach,” and seats 40. It was built by Dave Kloke in 2019 and is a replica of a coach built in 1848 for the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad which pulled the first passenger train westbound out of Chicago. Stone Gables Estate purchased this car in 2019.

Combine Coach

No. 1866 is a 53-foot combine coach. This is based on a Bangor & Aroostook mid-1860’s coach design which has a baggage compartment with sliding side doors and a passenger compartment seating 42. It is ADA accessible and also features a curved roof, open platforms, authentic cast iron walk-over seats with leather upholstery, brass lamp fixtures, and brass luggage racks. The interior is finished in walnut and oak, and features an authentic coal stove for heating. The “combination” type coach means it has a baggage compartment at one end, with a partition and door separating the passenger section. When in operation, the baggage doors can be opened (with a gate across) to load and park wheelchairs.

2nd Annual

Friday, May 1st - Saturday, May 2nd

General Admission
Saturday, May 2nd

Postponed until 2021

· COMMEMORATE 155 years since the Lincoln Funeral Train crossed the Stone Gables Estate property
· SEE the world’s only full-scale, operating replica of Lincoln’s Funeral Coach, “United States”
· HEAR a steam train whistle, cannon fire, and Civil War era music
· COME aboard the passenger car replicas on the Harrisburg, Lincoln & Lancaster Railroad
· EXPERIENCE presentations, demonstrations, and exhibits by Civil War re-enactors and historians
· TOUR the historic Star Barn Village and Ironstone Ranch . . . and much more

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